Monday, February 2, 2015

ToMB Month 1 post 1

So now a bit into the 1st month of ToMB and things have been going well. If you have seen my twitter you will have see that the Hoff is mostly painted just needed the odd last highlight here and there to finish them off.

So it might be noticeable that I have picked up an avatar Hoffman and no this is not part of ToMB at all its just a really nice model that has been in stock at my local gaming store Titan Games since it has been open and I use ToMB to justify my getting of it. 

So before we get onto other things I'm going to talk about the models them self's. So out of the Hoff box there is only really one model that I have any problem with..... the watcher its wings are just off like one is way bigger than the other and its a real shame as the rest of the box is supper nice. Hoffman him self is a really nice and detailed master the hunter look just like what you would envision a steam-punk robot cat to look like. Just a massive shame with the watcher.

Any way off the negative and on to more positive things games. Now I will say that in both of these games I did use more than just the starter box that is my month one purchase. This come from the fact that I wanted to get into Hoff as I have a large amount of M&SU model that can be used in a Hoff crew with the right upgrades. So now that is off my chest onto the games and what they taught me about playing as the Hoff. 

So in the two games that I have played so far both list had the same core. This core was Hoff, two Hunters, a Guardian and Joss. This core gives the crew a lot, two really good flanking models with the hunters, and the start of a deathball with Hoffman the Guardian and Joss. So what about the changes between the two game well game one had a Trapper and Johanna in the list where as game two had a Death Marshal and two Metal Gamin. So out the these four models the only one I would have to say I would not run again in the Trapper as I feel like Guild just has better model that can be used in its place. Johanna and the Death Marshal both have a supporting roll in the crew and both can have a place in it again just not at the same time. As then Metal Gamin, there addition into the crew changed it around a lot as it let the hunters play a bit more central to the crew where Hoff man could give them extra uses and they just felt more active. 

Hoffman as a master is something I feel the need to touch on as well. As he is very much a second line master. In both games he like to sit back with in three inch's of something and just make the crew dance on to his tune, and its very useful, getting models into position or getting in an extra attack or handing out distract to score points. The extra fact that he can give out upgrades on the fly in a game and that theys upgrades cover a lot of ground in helping the crew get its job done.

Now the games them self did not get well for me at all both losses but not totally unexpected for the first two games with a new master and I would like to take this chance to thank my two opponents @geekphotoguy(or person depending to who you listen to) and @iamthefly1. both super fun games and I learnt a lot so thanks guys.

Well then thats all for now see you next time.

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